Directed by Victoria Mack


Irina Bravo as Rivkele in "God of Vengeance" directed by Kern McFadden at the Stella Adler Studio Of Acting

About The Production

Cast: Candela May (Lacy), Irina Bravo (Charlotte), Kimmy Dunn (Harriet), Marianly Tejada (Olivia), and Elizabeth Colarte (Giselle)

Assistant Director: Ayla Combes

Stage Manager: Gilda Mercado

Choreographer: Larissa Asebedo

Costume Designer: Clair Townsend

Music: Mike Kolb

Consultant Producer: Samuel Rubin

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Special thanks to everyone who made this production possible!


This show is being performed from the 28th of June until the 21st of July. Purchase tickets at:

About The Play

Her mother's photographs turned Lacy into an icon of childhood innocence and beauty. Now, on the night of her 22nd birthday, Lacy has to navigate between image and reality, sex and friendship, self-indulgence and responsibility. This wild tragicomedy presents a portrait of a young woman held captive by her own childhood, and a vivid picture of a generation unable to grow up.

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All pictures were taken by Giuseppe Falla